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Backache Follow the rules of postures to avoid backache

Reviewed by
Dr. Pradip Chauhan


Backache is the pain that originates from spine, nerves, muscles or any other structures in the back region

Good posture:

Posture is usually defined as the alignment of body parts, especially the spine and shoulders. Postural muscles maintain positioning of the body while you sit, stand and move. While true, this definition misses a deeper understanding of posture as an expression not only of the body, but also of the whole person. This means that how you breathe, how you use your eyes, your hands and feet, and how you feel about your surroundings all contribute to the balance and ease of your posture.

Bad posture a risk factor for backache

Back pain may be due to sprain or muscle tear in the back often due to sudden lifting of weight or strain. This causes an acute back pain. Chronic back pain has various causes. It may be because of strain, obesity, pregnancy, stressful postures, continuous bending postures, tumor in the root of nerves, cancer extended to back, ankylosing spondylitis, kidney problems, , cysts in the ovaries, twisting of testicles, minor fractures in the spine, arthritis, osteoporosis, contraction of the spinal canal, disc herniation, ruptured disc.

But in all of above bad posture is one of the emerging cause of backache.

Sign and symptoms of backache

There are different types of back pain. Localized pain is the pain realized on pressure. Diffused pain starts from deep tissue and it spreads to larger area. Radicular pain is due to injury to a nerve root. Referred pain is due to inflammation at some other site in the body. If there is weakness, no bladder control, fever or weight loss then back pain is a serious issue.

Backache Sign

Few Rules of postures

  • The spine should never form a vertical line.
  • The shoulder should never form a horizontal line.
  • Spine should not have much stress.
  • Avoid benting during weight bearing.

Treatment of backaches

Most of the backaches get cured of their own. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are generally prescribed for acute back pain. For chronic back pain physiotherapy, modifications in occupational or life style along with medications.

Life style modifications include avoiding smoking or alcohol is recommended. The medications are non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Massage, use of heat treatments, fitness and flexibility workout are included in physiotherapy. In case of disc herniation surgery is required. If back pain along with leg involvement is not cured by medications, surgery is the option.

Sleeping in bowed position, on the sides and have right angle at the knees helps inn relieving back pain.

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