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Epileptic Save Epileptics (neurological emergencies)

Written by
Dr. Pradip Chauhan

Epilepsy is a common disease

Seen all over the world with various frequency.

At a time of epileptic attack few very simple steps may save the patient.

Topics of Discussion

What is epilepsy?

  • Epilepsy is a disease in which due to neurological changes the body become hard and taught.
  • It should be differentiated from hysteria
  • In certain types of epilepsy only one or few part of the body affected according the area of brain affected.

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How to identify epileptic attack?

Although many type of epilepsies, here we will deal with commonest epilepsy in adult easily identifiable

  • Patient loss consciousness or disoriented
  • Body becomes tight
  • Teeth are closed tightly

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Do and Donít

Do the following things

  • Turn the patient so tongue donít obstruct the throat
  • Keep something like handkerchief between the teeth so teeth donít crush the tongue.
  • Keep away the things those may damage the patient



  • Never try to hold the patient so tightly
  • Never keep patient on height during the attack
  • Donít give anything through the mouth during the attack
  • Donít keep any sharp things near the patient

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Patient of epilepsy should follow advise to avoid attack

  • Regular medicine
  • Avoid late night work
  • Avoid to much stress
  • Avoid fasting
  • Regular meditation
  • Regular doctor follow up

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  • In short, just simply avoiding tongue fall back in the mouth can prevent the attack being the fatal.
  • And on the other hand only regular medicine and decreased brain stress prevent the attack.

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