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Skin Internal and outer beauty of skin

Reviewed by
Dr. Sneha Patel

The skin is a soft outer covering of an animal, in particular a vertebrate


Skin performs the following functions:

  • Protection: an anatomical barrier from pathogens and damage between the internal and external environment in bodily defense; Langerhans cells in the skin are part of the adaptive immune system.
  • Sensation: contains a variety of nerve endings that react to heat and cold, touch, pressure, vibration, and tissue injury; see somatosensory system and haptics.
  • Heat regulation: the skin contains a blood supply far greater than its requirements which allows precise control of energy loss by radiation, convection and conduction. Dilated blood vessels increase perfusion and heatloss, while constricted vessels greatly reduce cutaneous blood flow and conserve heat. Erector pili muscles are significant in animals.
  • Control of evaporation: the skin provides a relatively dry and semi-impermeable barrier to fluid loss.
  • Storage and synthesis: acts as a storage center for lipids and water
  • Absorption: Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide can diffuse into the epidermis in small amounts, some animals using their skin for their sole respiration organ (contrary to popular belief, however, humans do not absorb oxygen through the skin).
  • Water resistance: The skin acts as a water resistant barrier so essential nutrients aren't washed out of the body.

The largest organ

Your skin is your largest organ, and it takes a daily beating from the sun, air pollution, chemicals from products, and many other harmful pathogens. Here are some ways to restore and protect your skin.

Strawberries, citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli

Produce packed with vitamin C is crucial for the production and formation of collagen, skin's support structure. And it's that strong support layer that evens out the top layer and wards off wrinkles. Try to have two 1-cup servings of fruit (Not a fan of strawberries? Try oranges or grapefruit.) and 1 cup of red peppers and/or broccoli each day. Or try applying them directly.

Skin Care Skin Care

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