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Manage Pregnancy Manage Pregnancy of Your Wife

Written by
Dr. Pradip Chauhan

Do husband get pregnancy?

Donít be confused just read some facts:

  • You have to also adjust new condition as your wife.
  • You are also going to get one new relationship.
  • You are going to share your wife with your own child.
  • You should love your baby as soon as your wife pregnant, this is too difficult, am I?
  • You also percept your baby although still it is in its mothers world.

Parent kissing baby

Just be some feminine

  • Help your wife in housework and decrease her heavy workload.
  • Help her in sweater knitting, planning for new coming baby.
  • Pass more time with her sympathetically, cutoff your overtime and late night office hours.
  • Feel like a mother that will help you to adjust the new situation.
  • Learn how to keep child, how to feed it, how to change its clothes and so onÖ.
  • Such a few practice will make your wife happy as well give new boost to your marriage life.

Husband loving Husband joking

Pregnancy a critical turning point of marriage life

  • Pregnancy is 9 months journey that will give you chance to make your marriage life healthier.
  • It is a critical issue every married couple have to face.


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